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Ericka Johnson has been a resident of New Kent since 2013. She is also the owner of Ericka Johnson Homes and has 20 plus years of business experience which has spanned fields such as financial services, real estate, education, operations, and marketing for some notable Fortune 500 companies. In addition to running her own business she has been found serving the community in the following capacities: Assistant Den Leader of Cub Scout Pack 562, Coaching Parks & Recs Basketball, helping with the New Kent Community Development Corporation and even volunteering at George Watkins Elementary.

When she is able to catch moments to herself, Johnson likes writing, crafting, reading, listening to music and spending time with her husband Henry and son Aiden. Johnson graduated from Varina High School, and received her Bachelor of Business Administration in 2001 from James Madison University and her Master of Arts in Executive Leadership from Liberty University in 2020.

Vice President

Jenni Leleux


Jessica Hoskins has been with C&F Bank since 2014, serving several communities and branches. Since 2018, Jessica has been the Branch Manager at the Quinton location. With 10 years in the banking industry, she enjoys getting to know her clients stories’ and helping them with their journey to success both personally and professionally. For 5 years, she has been a member of the Chamber in the communities she serves and excited to be a part of New Kent.

From a town in Georgia, she graduated with a B.A. degree in Finance in 2008 from University of West Georgia and has continued her education with business courses and workshops. When not working, Jessica will be found enjoying as much time as possible with her husband and two children.


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Director of Fundraising


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Director of Programs/Awards

Julia Henby serves the New Kent Chamber as the Director of Programs and Awards. Julia is both a certified PMP and the owner of Jugey Cakes Baking, a custom bakery based out of her home in Providence Forge. Originally from Hornell, New York, Julia graduated from Penn State University with BAs in Spanish, Arabic, and International Politics. In 2019, she established Jugey Cakes Baking, serving custom sweets and teaching baking classes to the local New Kent community.

By day, Julia is a Program Manager of seven years. Six of those years were spent in clinical trial translations, growing and building teams in New York, London, Warsaw, and Honolulu. She is currently a Program Manager at Fulcrum Concepts LLC in West Point, working on contracts for the Department of Defense. When not balancing her business and full time job, Julia can be found at Don Miguel’s for Taco Tuesday, claiming victory over her husband on the Brickshire basketball court, or researching her next adventure trip out west.

Director of Marketing/Digital Media

Jessica Angel serves the New Kent Chamber as the Director of Marketing and Digital Media. Jess has been the Manager of the Woodhaven POA, the oldest subdivision in New Kent, for over 9 years. She lives with her wife and daughter at the Vaiden House (circa 1781) and runs Vaiden Inn. The Bed & Breakfast is across from the NK Courthouse, operating for over 4 years now. In the past, Jess worked as the Manager for 10 years at Woodhaven Shores POA and the Regional Sales & Marketing Trainer at nTelos Wireless for 10 years.  She earned a Bachelor of Science Information Systems degree at Strayer University and has been developing online marketing solutions for small businesses since 2007.

In addition, Jess is an active Rotary Club Member. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and visiting her cottage in Beaufort, NC.  She loves to travel, explore new places and photography.

Director of Membership

Colin Mauger serves the New Kent Chamber as the Director of Membership. Colin is the Branch Manager at Primis Bank in Quinton and has worked in financial services for over 8 years. He has served several communities and branches in the Richmond Metro area. Colin enjoys getting to know his clients and working with them to help them achieve their financial goals. He prides himself on offering a high level of personal service and is passionate about assisting local businesses and his community by deepening conversations and being present for his customers. He enjoys building relationships and also assisting with any lending needs as well.

When not working, Colin will be found spending time with his wife, 3 dogs, chickens and enjoying time around their koi pond. Colin and his wife are also certified foster parents. He loves to read, travel and try new local restaurants and breweries. He served as a Police Officer in both Virginia and North Carolina for 7 1/2 years prior to his banking experience.

In addition, Colin is a New Kent Rotary Club Member.

Director of Education

Chandra McPherson serves the New Kent Chamber as the Director of Education. Chandra has filled many roles, including journalist, volunteer coordinator, teacher and store manager. Most recently, she served as Director of the Heritage Public Library, taking on that role in 2017. As the daughter of NAVY Senior Chief, she has lived in many locations but spent more time in Virginia than in any other, and has generations of family roots in this state.

Chandra holds a Masters in Library Science from Texas Woman’s University, a Masters in English from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Virginia Tech. She has a certificate in Museum Management from the Virginia Association of Museums and a certification as an Archaeology Technician from the Department of Historic Resources and the Archeological Society of Virginia.

Chandra is a New Kent Rotary Club Member, an active archeology volunteer, and a volunteer feral cat rescuer. She also enjoys looking for rocks and fossils, spending time with her children, and caring for her pet cats and drama queen German Shepherd.

Government Liaison Director

Co-owner, with his wife Patricia, of Gracefield Hall Bed & Breakfast in Providence Forge, which opened May 2016, Larry Reynolds is a native of Illinois. He grew up in Wisconsin, moved to Maryland in 1972, and finally moved to Providence Forge, Virginia, in 2013. A student of colonial American history, he took early retirement in 2003 to concentrate on researching colonial Virginia architecture while designing a historically accurate 18th Century Central Virginia plantation house. He has been a volunteer at Colonial Williamsburg since 2002 and is also a volunteer rescue dog transporter.

Larry started his career as a technical writer on inertial navigation systems for the Apollo space program and later writing technical manuals on atomic frequency standards, data communications equipment, and digital voice/data switching systems. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business management with a major in marketing and a minor in electrical engineering. Larry has over 30 years experience in marketing communications management for aerospace, scientific, and data communications companies.

Gracefield Hall joined the New Kent Chamber of Commerce in 2016. Larry served as Education Director and Membership Director in 2017, Vice President in 2018, President in 2019 and 2020, and Past President in 2021. Larry is an active promoter of New Kent County as an ideal business location. He believes that through active involvement in the Chamber of Commerce he can help other New Kent County businesses continue to prosper. His mission as Government Liaison Director is to provide a communications link between the Chamber and state and county government representatives and organizations.

Past President

Sam Drewry has been with Colonial Farm Credit since 2017. He has ten years of financial services experience ranging from retail banking to loan originations. Sam has a strong love of his native Virginia and has served in the Virginia Army National Guard since 2009. He is currently on his third deployment, serving in the Horn of Africa, with previous deployments to Iraq in 2010 and Qatar in 2016.

Sam graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science in 2012 and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Liberty University Online. When Sam is not working at Colonial Farm Credit or on National Guard duty, he can be found serving on the Board of Directors for multiple organizations to include the Historical Society of West Point, the New Kent Chamber of Commerce, the West Point Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club of West Point. He is also a Master Mason in both Boykins Masonic Lodge AFAM #287 and West Point Masonic Lodge AFAM #238. He enjoys relaxing with his wife Ashleigh and their five children. His favorite hobby is to read.

As Past President of the New Kent Chamber of Commerce, the businesses and members will always hold a special place in his heart and he looks forward to many more years of serving the New Kent County community.

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