Jeni Leleux

Keith Engel

Vice President

Keith Engel is a retired Naval Officer and founder and CEO of Engel Haus and Mind Meld Psychotherapy (MMP), where he works as a Clinical Social Worker. Keith and his husband have lived in the New Kent community since 2018 with their two dogs, Copper a Beagle (Basset/Beagle mix), and Charlie a Beagle.

MMP started as a virtual business founded in 2021 after medical retirement from the Navy and has since expanded into a multi-service mental health practice ranging from medication management to individual therapy; located in Providence Forge.

To be more available for patients and limited space in the county, Keith expanded MMP by opening Engel Haus in August 2022, a 1,600-square-foot building, built in 1936 formally seeded as a private home but now serves as a “one-stop shop”, focused on medical, retail, beauty, and office space for those who want to feel good inside and out.

Keith identifies as a cis-gender gay man and has extensive experience with the military and community services providing high-quality care and support to people who are socially excluded or who are experiencing problems in their lives. Such as those who are part of the LGBTQI+ community, high-risk patients (chronic suicidality & substance use), and providing care to adolescents, adults, and groups.

Mental Health issues arise when we are faced with overwhelming emotions in isolation. Without the necessary support, emotions get so big and daunting that we defend ourselves against them, leading to numbness, anxiety, and depression. Keith’s goal is to invite intense emotions into the room so that you can learn to regulate them together, and they can be reincorporated into the psyche, leading to a fuller and healthier life.

After all his sacrifices, he continues to share in the challenges of everyday life and enjoys a loud home filled with laughter and tears of family. He is a lover of helping people find their happier selves, animals, books, and the great outdoors. Keith believes his life has taught him that it is our duty as human beings to support each other—no matter what our perceptions of one another are. Whatever comprises our belief systems, we can use our convictions to shape our lives, assist others in doing so and bring about change in the world.

Jessica Hoskins


Jessica Hoskins has been with C&F Bank since 2014, serving several communities and branches. Since 2018, Jessica has been the Branch Manager at the Quinton location. With 10 years in the banking industry, she enjoys getting to know her client’s stories and helping them with their journey to success, both personally and professionally. For 5 years, she has been a member of the Chamber in the communities she serves and is excited to be a part of New Kent.

From a town in Georgia, she graduated with a B.A. degree in Finance in 2008 from the University of West Georgia and has continued her education with business courses and workshops. When not working, Jessica will be found enjoying as much time as possible with her husband and two children.

Robin Thomas


Robin Thomas has been a resident of New Kent since 2021. Currently, she serves as the Director of Finance and Operations at Lynnhaven School in eastern Henrico. With over 20 years of experience working in the private school environment, she is passionate about inspiring people to support education and helping young men and women become the best version of themselves as they prepare to venture out into the world on their own. She recently joined the New Kent Chamber of Commerce and the New Kent Junior Women’s Club to meet more people and serve her community.

Being a military child, she was born in New York and grew up in Virginia Beach. As a young adult, she was called to serve in the United States Air Force, developing her mechanical skills and working on fighter planes. While serving in New Hampshire, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management before returning home to Virginia. Several years later, she completed her Masters Degree in Business Administration through Virginia Wesleyan University.

She has two adult children, Jordan and Kendall, who live in Richmond and Virginia Beach, respectively. In her spare time, she enjoys supporting live theater, going to the movies with her daughter, visiting wineries, and spending time with family.

Brooke Mabon

Director of Fundraising

Brooke Mabon is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). Brooke is originally from Chesterfield County, Virginia. In the summer of 2017, she, her then preschool-aged daughter, and their dog Roxy relocated to New Kent County, buying a home in Quinton. She has a BS in Psychology and MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, both from VCU. With over 15 years of clinical and various other career experiences, she utilizes a person-centered, trauma-informed, evidence-based, holistic approach of various techniques tailored to the specific needs of everyone she works with. She has extensive training and experience in an array of mental health settings/roles, including Therapy (group/family/ individual), Supervising IIH/MHSB, Assessing, Multiple local CSBs, IIH, MHSB, CM, ABA, TDT, Alternative School, Elder Care, Youth and Adult Group Homes, and Foster Care.

For the past 5 years, Brooke has served as the Student Support Facilitator, division-wide, for the Office of Exceptional Education and Student Services with NKCPS. In this position, she has had the opportunity to make many relationships and partnerships with the organizations and citizens of New Kent. She was responsible for mental health crisis intervention, management, and writing procedures for the school division. Students were identified to connect to various community-based resources, and she assisted families in navigating them. Brooke conducted threat assessment interviews with students and parents and served on teams at each school. She acted as a liaison between NKCPS and various community partners and agencies. Training was also provided for school division staff, administrators, counselors, parents/guardians, students, and community stakeholders about a variety of mental health topics. She will continue to provide resources, information, consultation, training, and workshops upon request.

Brooke served on New Kent community and school-based committees such as the Proactive Action for Community in Crisis (PACC) Committee, for which she is the Chair of the New Kent Parenting Initiative-Sub Committee and the Vice Chair of the New Kent Community Garden Initiative, the New Kent Community Resource Council, the Student Support Committee, Safety Committee, Truancy Prevention Multidisciplinary Team, and the School Health Advisory Board (SHAB). Brooke will continue serving ALL of the community-based committees that she served before she resigned from her former position with NKCPS. She is excited to be part of the Leadership Team of the newly formed Tri-Rivers Trauma Informed Community Network (TICN) as a Trauma & Resiliency Trainer, as well as her role here at the Chamber. For those of you who already know Brooke, don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere. She has plans to continue to serve the children and families of New Kent in new and exciting ways! Updates coming soon. Remember, Together, We Are New Kent Strong!

In her spare time, when she’s away from New Kent, you can find Brooke somewhere near the Chesapeake Bay or at the “Rivah” on a boat, in the water, or along the shore. She just might have a fishing pole in her hand, be sitting by a bonfire or a pile of children on the back of her golf cart, spending time with her daughter, friends, and family, practicing self-care.

Julia Henby

Director of Programs/Awards

Julia Henby serves the New Kent Chamber as the Director of Programs and Awards. Julia is both a certified PMP and the owner of Jugey Cakes Baking, a custom bakery based out of her home in Providence Forge. Originally from Hornell, New York, Julia graduated from Penn State University with BAs in Spanish, Arabic, and International Politics. In 2019, she established Jugey Cakes Baking, serving custom sweets and teaching baking classes to the local New Kent community.

By day, Julia is a Program Manager of seven years. Six of those years were spent in clinical trial translations, growing, and building teams in New York, London, Warsaw, and Honolulu. She is currently a Program Manager at Fulcrum Concepts LLC in West Point, working on contracts for the Department of Defense. When not balancing her business and a full-time job, Julia can be found at Don Miguel’s for Taco Tuesday, claiming victory over her husband on the Brickshire basketball court or researching her next adventure trip out west.

Frances Sanchez Kelly

Director of Marketing/Digital Media

Frances Sanchez Kelly is a global pioneer with experience in event planning, marketing, and business development. After earning her Bachelor’s in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University, Kelly deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom as a civilian, expanding her global travel and aspirations to 30+ countries while working in the Middle East and Europe. After relocating back to Richmond, Kelly shined as a Top sales performer for WorldStrides, sharing the experience of global travel with students across the nation.

Kelly graduated from VCU’s Executive MBA program in 2022.

Kelly is the CEO of The Elevated Firm, a Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses with branding, web development, and marketing strategies.

Kelly enjoys spending family time with her daughters, Laila and Gabrielle, and her husband, Kendrick.

Jenna Dillulio

Director of Marketing/Digital Media

Jenna Dillulio is an entrepreneur and social media content creator with an organic following of over 40,000 on Instagram. After a decade of sales jobs for numerous Fortune 500 companies, Jenna walked away from corporate life in 2019 to devote all her time and energy to online content creation, where she partners with companies to market products and share her message about sobriety and motherhood. Over the past two years, Jenna has created dozens of short videos that have gone viral, garnering millions of views. Most recently, Jenna has created a new startup business called The LocalGram, in which she coaches local business owners on how to best leverage their social media accounts to connect with local customers and build brand awareness. She is new to the Chamber and is excited to serve New Kent businesses in 2023.

Born and raised in West Virginia, Jenna moved to Norfolk, Virginia, with her husband in 2016 and decided to settle down in New Kent in 2021. In August 2022, Jenna and her husband welcomed their first child into the world, a beautiful daughter named Ember Ray Dillulio. Jenna loves to cook, spend time outside, and binge-watch true crime documentaries when not creating online content or working with local business owners.

Mari Robinson

Director of Education

Mari Robinson is a New Kent native that recently moved back into the county. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education at Old Dominion University and was a classroom teacher for 10 years before ending her tenure to homeschool her children which she has done since her oldest entered kindergarten in 2013. Mari has a passion for children’s education and is a children’s book and curriculum writer/contributor. Mari is an amazing wife to her husband, Richard and mom to her three kids. She is also an avid crafter and loves to create things with her hands. 

Together with her husband, Mari runs WEBDMG, LLC Technology Consulting and Mobile App Development Company. Through the company, they provide small businesses with the knowledge needed to leverage technology to their businesses benefit. Also with her husband, she is the cofounder of Hack for Community, Inc. A tech nonprofit aimed to bring tech awareness to students of underserved communities. She and her husband host 97 Podcast, which tells all about their marriage journey and lessons learned along the way. They also run a Couples Group where they provide an environment of peer mentorship for other married, engaged and seriously dating couples. 

Sam Drewry

Director of Membership

Sam Drewry is a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones with an office in Williamsburg, VA. 
Sam attended Radford University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 2012. While in college he enlisted as an infantryman in the Virginia Army National Guard and has enjoyed over 14 years of military service, currently he serves as a Platoon Sergeant in a combat infantry platoon A-Co 3-116th INF. That same dedication to cause and service is a mindset Sam carries forward in both his career at Edward Jones as well as in serving the members of our New Kent Chamber.
Sam and his wife, Ashleigh, have five children (two sets of twins age three and one, in addition to a seven year old). Originally from Southampton County, his family moved to West Point, Virginia in January 2019 and they fell in love with the region immediately. Sam is an active member of the community, currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Historical Society of West Point, Rotary Club of West Point, New Kent Chamber of Commerce and the West Point Chamber of Commerce. He is also Past President of New Kent Chamber of Commerce, and also West Point Chamber of Commerce, as well as past Chairman of the West Point Crab Carnival and Taste of New Kent Wine Festival. He also currently serves on the Membership Committee and the Military Affairs Committee for the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce. 
As Director of Membership for New Kent Chamber of Commerce, Sam is looking forward to serving the businesses of New Kent County and growing together.
Anna Jones

Government Liaison Director

Anna Jones is a distinguished professional who currently serves as the Government Liaison Director for the New Kent Chamber of Commerce. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, having earned her credentials as a Licensed Insurance Broker and a partner of Community Insurance Advisors, situated in Providence Forge, VA. Her areas of specialization include Individual and Group Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug plans, Dental/Vision Insurance, and Life Insurance.

Anna has received numerous accolades during her tenure as an Insurance Broker, including the prestigious “Top New Broker Sales” award for Humana and the “Impact Award” from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Her dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to tailoring plans that fit specific needs has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Anna is an active community member who serves as a Board Member for the Community Strategy Council (CSC) at the Farms of New Kent. In this role, she plays a pivotal part in facilitating communication between the developer and the Homeowner’s Association while focusing on long-term planning and goals for the Farms of New Kent. Additionally, Anna is affiliated with the NABIP (National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals), DAVA (Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary), and the VAHU (Virginia Association of Health Underwriters).

Originally hailing from Chesterfield, Virginia, Anna, and her family decided to relocate to New Kent in 2021. They were drawn to the county’s smaller community atmosphere but with a vision for the county’s rapid growth and development. As a resident of New Kent County, Anna is enthusiastic about witnessing the ongoing changes in business growth and development in the area. She recognizes the significance of fostering strong relationships between the Chamber of Commerce and local county and government officials to facilitate continued growth. As the government liaison director for the Chamber, she is eager to cultivate meaningful relationships with county and government officials that will contribute to the progress and success of both the Chamber and the county.

Ericka Johnson

Past President

Ericka Johnson has been a resident of New Kent since 2013. She is also the owner of Ericka Johnson Homes and has 20-plus years of business experience which has spanned fields such as financial services, real estate, education, operations, and marketing for some notable Fortune 500 companies. In addition to running her own business, she has been found serving the community in the following capacities: Assistant Den Leader of Cub Scout Pack 562, Coaching Parks & Recs Basketball, helping with the New Kent Community Development Corporation and even volunteering at George Watkins Elementary.

When she can catch moments to herself, Johnson likes writing, crafting, reading, listening to music, and spending time with her husband Henry, and son Aiden. Johnson graduated from Varina High School and received her Bachelor of Business Administration in 2001 from James Madison University and her Master of Arts in Executive Leadership from Liberty University in 2020.