2022 Car Show – Rotary MotorFest

Car Show Categories: (One category per entry)

  • Antique Car: Cars built before 1997 both domestic or import.
  • Classic Car: Cars built between domestic or import.
  • Hot Rods: Domestic or Import
  • European or British: All cars from European or British manufacturers, such as MG, Porsche, Mercedes, Fiat, etc.
  • Asian: All model year cars from Asian manufacturers, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, etc.
  • Custom: Any vehicle with modifications to the body, engine and/or interior, including custom paint jobs, blowers, turbos, low-riders, custom interiors, custom bodies.
  • Modern Car: 1998 or newer
  • Replica vehicle that resembles the body of another motor vehicle produced at least 25 years ago
  • Electric
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle

Car Show Awards: 

  • Best in Show (Domestic, European & Asian)
  • Best Antique Car (1st and 2nd Place)
  • Best Classic Car (1st and 2nd Place)
  • Best Hot Rod (1st and 2nd Place)
  • Best European/British Car
  • Best Asian Car
  • Best Custom Car
  • Best Modern Car
  • Best Replica Vehicle
  • Best Electric Vehicle
  • Best Truck
  • Best Motorcycle

2021 Annual Rotary Motorfest